Have you heard about the cool roof system? These energy-efficient roofing systems help owners save on electricity bills while keeping cool and relaxed during the summer. The best part is that they aren’t as expensive as you might think!

What is a Cool Roof System?

Cranking your air conditioner too high during the summer months can take a toll on your wallet. You’ve looked at tons of different ways to stay cool during the harsh summer months but can’t seem to find a solution? Well, we’ve got the solution for you.

Did you know that a poorly manufactured roof can reach up to 150°F to 170°F during the summer months? But, with a functional cooling roof system, the temperature of your roof can reach up to 50°F.

Cool roofing systems are often made from reflective material designed to reflect the harsh sunlight and UV rays off your roof. Now, there are different types of cooling roof materials available for homeowners. Some popular ones include a metal sheet covering, reflective paints, and even reflective shingles. When installed, a cooling roof system can actively reflect the harsh sun rays allowing your home and roof to stay cool.

3 Benefits of Installing an Energy-Efficient Roof

An energy-efficient roof in Texas is going to benefit both your wallet and the environment. According to homeowners and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), installing a cool roofing system can:

  1. Keep your energy bills down: By actively reflecting away the harsh sun rays, this roofing material can bring down the temperature of your roof to 50°F. Doing so keeps your home cool and thus stops you from cranking the air conditioner on high. 
  2. Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions: Did you know that most air conditioners contain refrigerant chemicals? Unfortunately, these chemicals that often cool the air around us also contribute to the destruction of our ozone layer. 
  3. Up the Resale Value of your Home: An cool roofing system is a long-term solution for those struggling in the Texas heat. According to Realtor Magazine, a newly installed cool roofing has an ROI of 105%, boosting the value of your home.

So, How Much Does a Cool Roof Cost?

Now we know what you must be thinking, a roofing system that cuts back your energy bills; this seems way too good to be true? Many homeowners worry that the added advantages of a cool roof make it a lot more costly than the average roof. But, this is far from the truth!

When considering a complete roof replacement in North Texas, it is estimated that a cool roofing system can cost anywhere from $1,600 to $7,000. Comparatively, the cost of a roof replacement in Frisco, Texas, can range anywhere from $3,400 up to $10,000 depending on the material and system chosen. 

Not sure what to choose for your roof replacement project in Frisco? Reach out to our team of roofing contractors for more tips!

Energy-Efficient Roofing Contractors in Texas

When it comes to energy-efficient roof replacement in Frisco, Texas, our team at Rowley Roofing knows what’s best! We can help you install eco-friendly cool roofing systems ensuring your energy bills stay low and your home stays cool. So, talk to us today to learn more about how a cool roof replacement in Frisco, Tx. 

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