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What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

US Department of Energy: Anatomy of an energy-efficient window.

Energy-efficient windows are built to keep cool air in and warm air out! And, in the long run, these types of windows can save you a lot of money. So, what makes energy-efficient windows soo efficient?

  1. Panes: Most energy-efficient windows installed in Frisco are double or tripled pane. These glass inserts may contain inert gas such as argon which promotes insulation. 
  2. Spacers: Energy-efficient windows will contain spacers set correctly apart to reduce heat flow and prevent condensation.
  3. Glass coating: Energy-efficient windows contain special glass coatings designed to reflect UV light and heat. 

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

  1. Save your money: According to the EPA, installing energy-star qualified windows can help you save anywhere from 7% to 15% on energy bills. To put it into numbers, installing energy-efficient windows in Frisco can help you save between $70 to $500 annually. 
  2. Keep your Home Cool: We all know that the heat in Texas can get all too overwhelming. Fortunately,energy-efficient windows are here to save the day! Installing this type of window can keep the cool air in and the hot air out. 
  3. Boost the Value of your Home: When you replace your old leaky windows with brane new energy-star qualified ones, you will actively increase the value of your home. 

Are Energy Efficient Windows Worth it?

The average cost of installing an energy-efficient window can range from $300 to $800 per window. Now we understand that this can seem like quite a lot of money. But, rest assured it will be money well spent.

Buying and installing energy star windows will save you money! The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to $400 per year on energy bills. As a bonus, the ROI (Return Of Investment) for new windows can tip the scales at 70%, making it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to boost their home value. 

Window installation has never been easier! Talk to us today to learn more about energy-efficient window installation in Frisco, TX.

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