There are indeed many factors that will determine how long a commercial flat roof will last in Texas. These factors include climate, the roofing material, and even the type of roofing system used. 

How Long Should a Commercial Flat Roof Last?

Commercial White TPO Flat Roof in Frisco, Texas

When choosing a commercial roof system in Frisco or Little Elm, it’s crucial to consider climatic factors common in the state of Texas. For example, here in Texas, storm damage, hail, heavy winds, and heat can all compromise the integrity of your commercial flat roof. So, before you choose to install a commercial flat roof in Frisco, Tx talk to us today to see what option best suits your building property. Alright, so how long should a commercial flat roof last in Texas? Well, PVC commercial flat roofs can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years when well-maintained. TPO commercial flat roofs can last up to 30 years, while an EPDM membrane flat roof can last up to 40 years. 

But, What is the best commercial roofing material for Texas Weather?

There are different types of roofing membrane systems to consider when choosing to install a commercial roof. Each membrane roofing system will have unique advantages of its own, hence why we believe it’s important to discuss each. 

PVC Roofing Systems for Commercial Buildings in Frisco, Tx

PVC roofing systems is an energy-efficient roof membrane with great benefits. PVC roof membranes are UV light-reflective, moisture resistant, and energy-efficient, making them perfect for a commercial building in Texas. While the initial cost of installation may be a little high, it’s essential to bear in mind that a PVC membrane can last anywhere between 20 to 25 years. 

TPO Roofing Systems for Commercial Buildings in Texas

The TPO roof membrane has become a new introduction to the world of commercial flat roofing systems. TPO roofing systems are single-ply, which means they do not provide insulation. However, this leaves a building owner the opportunity to consider other forms of insulation options for their building. The TPO roof membranes are also rated as a Class A Fire-Rated, which means they are very resistant to fire damage. Finally, TPO membranes are a bright white color that promotes the reflection of UV light and heat from the sun. As a result, buildings remain a lot cooler over the harsh Texas summer months.

For this reason, a TPO flat roof is considered energy efficient. TPO flat commercial roofs can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. They are a lot more affordable than an EPDM or PVC roofing system. However, during its lifespan, a TPO commercial roofing system may succumb to broken seams, membrane puncture, or general damage. But don’t worry! Commercial building owners can always schedule annual roof inspections to ensure their TPO roofing system can last.  

EPDM Flat Roof a Great Choice for Buildings in Frisco

EPDM Roofs last long, roof installation in Texas building

EPDM commercial flat roofs fall under the single-ply roofing category and can be an excellent choice for commercial properties in Frisco, Tx. An EPDM commercial flat roof has many advantages, but most importantly, it is waterproof, temperature and weather-resistant, UV resistant, and environmentally friendly. So, how long will an EPDM commercial flat roof last in Texas weather? Although a little more on the expensive side, a well-maintained EPDM commercial roof can last well past 30 years.

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