Are you looking for signs of roof storm damage in your Texan home? Roof storm damage is a common problem many Frisco homeowners know all too well. Today we will discuss what you need to look out for when assessing a roof for storm, wind, hail, or rain damage. 

There are Different Types of Roof Storm Damage

Roof flashing is thin sheets of metal, usually galvanized, installed under shingles by professional roofers. The purpose of roof flashing is to redirect water flow and prevent water from leaking through a roofing system. Overtime flashing can become weak and eroded, which can leave your roof susceptible to cracks and leaks. Damage to roof flashing becomes an even greater concern to homeowners located in a heavy storm area.

Wind damage is yet another different type of roof storm damage many Frisco homeowners may face. Strong winds during storms can uplift shingles on a roof, or they could completely break and blow off shingles with poor adhesion. This can lead to damage to the flashing and roof seals which will ultimately lead to leakage problems.

Hail storms are also an important factor to consider when discussing roof storm damage in Texas. Hail storms can cause physical damage to a roof, often leading to dents and cracks on roof caps, vents, gutters, etc. In addition, damage to roofs after a hail storm can result in broken shingles, leading to leaking. 

Roof Damage from Rainfalls in Texas

Water damaged shingles, roofing contractors near me

Storms, including heavy rainfalls, are inevitable in Texas weather. Heavy rains in Texas can gradually penetrate the roofing material, damaged shingles, and eventually lead to a loss of structural integrity. If your residential home has a sloping roof, then the problem becomes even worse as water can collect on certain parts and eventually lead to clogged gutters and piping. 

There’s no question about it! Heavy rain and winds can really damage your roof, and this can cost homeowners a lot of money. For this reason, it is highly recommended to schedule an annual roof inspection every few months to ensure the integrity of your roof is maintained.  

Signs of Room Storm Damage Checklist

What Do You Do When Your Roof Suffers from Storm Damage?

Unfortunately, in Texas, you cannot prevent roof storm damage which means expenses are inevitable. But, that said, you can keep the cost of roof repair and roof replacement down by scheduling a roof inspection with a professional roofing contractor. Our Texan-based roofing contractors work one-on-one with homeowners to looking for signs of roof storm damage after a home has been affected by a storm. We go above and beyond the list we provided above because we want you to save money by not having a roof replacement. Our roofing contracts can identify problems and fix them before things get worse! 

Talk to us today and schedule a free roof inspection for storm-damaged roofs.

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